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It is wonderful that you have an interest in Free Masonry.

Masonry is the oldest fraternity in the world with members in almost all countries. Once you become a Master Mason you are accepted throughout the world at other lodges. 

You may have heard of our mantra “we make good men better”. We come together to help one another to be better men relative to leadership, philanthropy , family men, community stewards and character building. Masonry is a men’s organization relative to activities and governance. We encourage families to be engaged in all our activities. We are not a religion, in fact you can be of any religious belief structure. You just cannot be an atheist. Our philosophy is that If you hold that nothing is more important that yourself, you are probably someone that cannot humble themselves enough to support others genuinely. 

Forest Lake lodge considers itself well balanced with the contemporary man by incorporating family as much as possible. By doing so we have made the family much more inclusive than that of a man’s family thirty or more years ago. We feel that we are much better stewards of the craft by inviting significant others, wives and their children to help make a difference in their family life and community when participating in events.

We also believe that it is important to give back. Our lodge generally provide assistance by donating to 6-8 different charities east year. Handing out three scholarships to accomplished youth of strong character. These charities vary from cancer related issues, local food shelves, student’s needs, and family organizations. Just check out the events we supported this year.

We also provide fun engaging social activities of several varieties. With over 110 members there is always various activities you can be involved in. There is something for everyone.

The environment is fun uplifting, supportive and meaningful.

Harmony being the strength and support of all societies, more especially of ours. Inquire to see how you can be part of something that makes a difference and enriches your life.

Looking forward to meeting you


Forest Lake Masons

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